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HoneyMoon Suite Historic Video

The idea for the above video came to me one night while I was thinking about the hmslounge and what Janie and I could do to make the hmslounge even better.

I could see the pictures and could hear the music playing in my head before I put the whole thing together.

Once it was done and I watched the play back I was stunned. It had worked out just as I had pictured it would and its a piece of history that brings back so many memories for the fans.

I chose the song Long way because its a road song and I felt it went perfectly with the concert pics and made into a video.

As a friend of mine who was the first one to view the video so bluntly put it

"After seeing this video, I can tell that Christina's dedication to HMSLounge far superceedes anything else I have seen online. I wouldn't be suprised if Mr. Tremuth and the guys gave her some raw footage to work with for future video work. There is a lot of potential showing here and hard work and dedication such as hers should not go unrecognized!"

Katrina W.
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